“I know the law and how to identify issues imperative to every family law case I take on – efficiently and effectively. Period.” Robert G. Smith

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Preserving Your Financial Investment During Your Divorce

I am New York high asset divorce attorney Robert G. Smith. With more than 40 years of matrimonial law experience, I can make a fairly accurate prediction of what you can afford, and how your divorce case should probably be resolved.

As your lawyer, I will help you avoid wasteful controversies, make efficient use of the court system when appropriate, and preserve assets for their eventual distribution in the divorce settlement. I can help you avoid disputes that could easily exceed the value of the assets in controversy.

I am also experienced in dealing with financially sophisticated issues such as executive compensation, enhanced earning ability acquired during the marriage, sophisticated accounting questions and valuing businesses.

Defining Your Goals, Cross-Examining Witnesses

For me, the preparation for the conclusion of your case begins on the first day we meet. This is not my first divorce case. You and I will begin by identifying your realistic expectations and objectives. We will then work together to achieve them. I will help you avoid taking impulsive steps, like emptying money from a bank account for which you will only suffer later consequences. I prefer to use a more nuanced and sophisticated approach that keeps my client out of trouble and preserves future options.

Skilled trial lawyers take great care to decide whether to cross-examine a witness, and how to cross-examine the witness. I suggest that a spouse should employ the same trial lawyer’s care and caution when contemplating divorce litigation.

One of my strengths as a lawyer is knowing how to best protect you from a spouse who threatens to use financial information against you in a divorce proceeding, as well as knowing when and how to share important information with the other side and the court.

If you and your spouse signed a prenuptial agreement, your case may be easier. But not always. The agreement has to be “fair when made” and “not unconscionable” at the time of enforcement.

Clients in all five New York City boroughs and surrounding counties can reach me by phone at 212-499-0940 or online by email for more information about protecting your assets. Your initial consultation is free.