New York Divorce Attorney

The challenges to the divorcing client require expertise across several legal disciplines: commercial litigation, forensic accounting, corporations and partnership law, forensic mental health and criminal law.

The study of the law has always been my passion. The persistent pursuit of excellence my mission. For the past 38 years, following the acquisition of critical skills in corporate law and commercial litigation, I have focused on family law. Along the way I also acquired recognized credentials in criminal defense, acting as principal trial counsel in homicide and other felony cases and appeals.

For the past 20 years I have had the highest possible professional rating in both legal ability and ethical standards from Martindale Hubbell: AV Preeminent. My skills and prominence have also been recognized with the coveted Superlawyers designation.

I have successfully tried hundreds of cases and settled hundreds more with equal or greater success. My litigation skills enable me to settle your case and, one way or the other, to achieve the best possible outcome for you. It is most important to blend the broad range of my skills and experience with sound professional judgment. Your success will not depend upon the size of your legal team or the amount of the legal bills. The strength in large numbers of expensive lawyers on a legal team which is commonplace in commercial conflict resolution will not predict the best outcome for this most challenging event in your life. That strategy can be prohibitively expensive as well as harmful to your children. It is often wasteful. You will live with the results for many years. Knowledge is by far more your most powerful tool.

This may be your first marital agreement, or divorce, or criminal indictment, or trial. But it is not mine. You may well be under severe emotional stress. But I will never deign to act as your relationship counselor or spiritual advisor. Nor will I either judge you, or second guess your values. I will not make any promises to you that I cannot keep. What I do pledge to my client is that I will pursue excellence. If there is conflict with the other side, we will fight smart. It will not help your cause if we entertain or accommodate unrealistic expectations. In the first instance we will set realistic goals. Then I will dedicate my skills, energy,and professional judgement so that we can achieve them together.

While I am your lawyer, you will never be afraid to go to Court. And we will never forget that your most valuable objectives do not always require that we go there, or that we stay there.

As attested in my client testimonials, my law firm has a long history of documented success and client satisfaction