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Personal Attention To Your Child Support Issues

In most divorce cases involving children, an important part of the process requires resolution of child support issues.

The court will be concerned that the children’s standard of living is maintained. If this is not addressed correctly, that imperative may impose enormous financial pressures on both parents’ ability to maintain separate households.

I am family law attorney Robert G. Smith. In New York City and surrounding areas, my law firm provides responsive representation for individuals and families, including former spouses who may feel they are receiving too little child support, or paying too much.

I also handle post-judgment modifications and court-ordered enforcements of child custody, child support and spousal maintenance obligations.

The Facts You Need About How Courts Determine Child Support Amounts

New York courts determine child support awards according to this three-step formula contained in the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA):

  • Determine the combined parental income
  • Apply the proper percentage of combined parental income, which ranges from 17 percent to 35 percent of the combined parental income, depending on the number of children, to the combined parental income
  • Allocate the same percentage of the total basic child support award that the payor parent’s income bears to the total combined parental income, up to the statutory cap of $130,000, or beyond the statutory cap that the court may determine Why You Need A Lawyer In Your Corner At All Times

Child support calculations may appear simple, and they sometimes are. However, there are financial shenanigans or overreaching, you should have the benefit of an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of the statutes, the ability to interpret them and litigation skills that advance your goals.

I have more than 40 years of experience with guiding clients to positive child support outcomes. I can help you understand how to calculate or correct the child support award. My law office has the software, the legal forms and the capacity to take charge of your case immediately. My goal is to produce the best agreement that maintains smooth working relationships going forward.

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