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The Role Of Business Valuation In High Net-Worth Divorce

“Equitable distribution” of marital property and assets during contested and high net worth divorce does not necessarily mean “equal.” This distinction directly impacts any struggle over a business that requires valuation.

I am divorce and family law attorney Robert G. Smith. My New York City law firm, Robert G. Smith, PLLC, works hard to protect your rights ? and your material investment in your marriage ? when ownership of a closely held family business is at stake.

Business Interests Can Either Be Separate Or Marital Property

I possess comprehensive command of capitalization rates, valuation methods and New York law. I can explain the “build-up method” and when to use it, as opposed to the excess earnings method of valuation. Preparation is essential, and experience counts. I have aggressively advocated for the rights of people like you for more than 40 years.

I also excel at reading and interpreting financial statements, obtaining useful expert reports and cross-examining financial experts. To correctly identify and value the assets and cash flow requires an understanding of New York divorce law, forensic accounting and tax law. Advocacy is also required to connect, or limit, the connection of that asset to the distribution of the marital estate.

I Have The Experience You Need To Succeed

I have represented many high-profile and high net worth divorce clients, and I am adept at using my experience to help my clients garner a more complete understanding of the potential benefits and hazards of their choices. This diverse clientele includes:

  • Professionals: I have represented doctors, lawyers, dentists and psychiatrists.
  • Corporate executives: including investors and high-level corporate officers.
  • Mom and pop businesses and smaller startups: Many divorcing couples need to find a way to equitably distribute their family business. This is especially difficult for couples who founded the business together or who both worked and drew income from the business.

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Either call my New York City office at 212-499-0940 or contact me online to arrange a free initial consultation. My law firm represents high asset divorce clients in the city’s five boroughs and surrounding counties.