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When Ownership Of Significant Marital Assets Are At Stake

I am family law attorney Robert G. Smith. As a New York City divorce lawyer, I have more than 40 years of experience with handling divorces that involve substantial assets, and high-profile divorce cases.

My clients know that I will use discretion and fight for them. They appreciate the counsel I provide. I do not squander their resources. I know how to work with the media, and how important it is to keep the client’s case away from the public eye.

Charting An Effective Course Of Action For Your Divorce Experience

One benefit of my knowledge of these cases is that you will receive an educated prediction about what it should cost to achieve your goal. This goal should be defined in its simplest terms: the most advantageous arrangement and maximum time with your children.

During your initial consultation and thereafter, I fully explain important roles played by prenuptial agreements, matrimonial net worth statements, forensic accounting that can uncover hidden assets, detailed records reviews and the critical difference between separate and marital property.

Examples of significant marital assets and property that could be in play during a high net worth divorce are:

  • Real estate, including primary residences, vacation homes, commercial real estate, farms, ranches, rental property and undeveloped land
  • Motor vehicles
  • Private aircraft and watercraft
  • Bank accounts
  • Closely held family businesses requiring valuation
  • Deferred income
  • Stocks and stock options
  • 401(k) and retirement assets
  • Collectibles, family heir looms, memorabilia and memberships

Do You Have Questions About Any Aspect Of High Asset Divorce In New York?

At the end of your marriage, your goal may be child custody, spousal support or minimizing of tax consequences. To discuss these and other objectives in a free initial consultation with me, call my New York office at 212-499-0940 or contact me online.

Robert G. Smith, PLLC, serves high asset individuals and family clients in New York City’s five boroughs and surrounding counties.