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Single fathers asking for child support

Single New York parents can may potentially have the ability to pursue a child support order depending on the financial situation of the other parent. In many cases, though not all, the mother is the parent to receive child support. First, mothers still generally perform childcare duties more than fathers. Furthermore, the wage gap burdens women, especially single mothers. Nonetheless, raising a child can be a financial burden for the primary caregiver regardless of his or her gender.

New York Jets' Antonio Cromartie pays $336,000 in child support

According to a report that has surfaced in various media outlets, Antonio Cromartie, a player for the New York Jets, pays child support for eight children with seven different mothers. He is also married and has two children with his wife as well as twins that are on the way.

Court orders Mathew Knowles to pay back child support

New York parents who follow celebrity news may be aware that Mathew Knowles was ordered to pay about $71,000 in back child support by a family court judge. Knowles, who is the father of singer Beyoncé, had reportedly avoided paying child support to the mother of his 5-year-old child since her birth.

Rick Ross responds to ex's lawsuit for more child support

The ex-girlfriend of rapper Rick Ross filed a lawsuit against him for more child support in 2015, and he responded with court papers of his own. New York fans might be surprised that he claims she is keeping him from seeing their son and is trying to turn the boy against him.

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