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Single fathers asking for child support

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2016 | Child Support

Single New York parents can may potentially have the ability to pursue a child support order depending on the financial situation of the other parent. In many cases, though not all, the mother is the parent to receive child support. First, mothers still generally perform childcare duties more than fathers. Furthermore, the wage gap burdens women, especially single mothers. Nonetheless, raising a child can be a financial burden for the primary caregiver regardless of his or her gender.

Not everyone agrees when it comes to the subject of child support for single fathers. One writer argued that the same standards should be applied when determining whether a primary parent should receive child support regardless of the gender of that parent.

One father, however, argued that it would be cowardly to ask for monetary support. He argued that men should simply work harder. Additionally, he contended that child support and custody can actually be used as leverage by fathers. For example, some states require that the primary parent seek child support if they are seeking welfare or other government assistance. In these cases, women can get away without naming a father; the fathers cannot.

There are many expenses involved in raising a child. Both parents are expected to financially support the child, even if they are no longer together. If one parent becomes the primary caregiver or they have a significantly higher parental income than the other parent, they may be required to pay child support. Because the court uses a formula to determine how much is owed, an attorney can assist with gathering all of the important documents that show the parent’s income so a fair amount can be ordered. Additionally, if the parent has other financial obligations, the attorney may have the court take these obligations into account to lower the child support payment.

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