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Rick Ross responds to ex’s lawsuit for more child support

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Child Support

The ex-girlfriend of rapper Rick Ross filed a lawsuit against him for more child support in 2015, and he responded with court papers of his own. New York fans might be surprised that he claims she is keeping him from seeing their son and is trying to turn the boy against him.

In the lawsuit, the ex-girlfriend is seeking an increase in the amount of child support that Ross pays from $2,800 a month to $20,000. The rapper is requesting that the court dismiss this request and that she be ordered to cover his legal fees. In the response documents that Ross filed on Dec. 18, he says that his ex is saying bad things about him in front of the boy, who is 10. She is also keeping the boy from visiting with him while he is in Georgia on house arrest, which was ordered after he was charged for kidnapping and assaulting someone on his staff. This is an act of parental estrangement because it hinders their son’s ability to experience parenting time with Ross, according to the documents.

Additionally, the lawsuit says that Ross does not want to give his ex more child support because his financial status remains unchanged since their 2010 agreement and because she is still unemployed and has not sought or secured employment since their son was born. Due to this, the papers state, she has not contributed to the maintenance and rearing of the boy. The documents add that the ex is making baseless, frivolous claims just to harass Ross, including one that he spent $6 million on his Georgia home.

After child support payments are set in an support order, either of the parents of the child could request a modification based on changes in their financial situation or changes in the child’s life. The court must approve the change, whether it is an increase or a decrease in the monthly payment amount. A family law attorney can be of assistance in preparing and filing the motion.

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