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September 2015 Archives

Man's fight could help New York fathers

A 25-year-old South Carolina man successfully won custody of his daughter after the baby's mother secretly put her up for adoption. Although the couple wasn't married, a law in South Carolina allows fathers to sign up for a registry that will notify them if the child is put up for adoption. New York has a similar law. As a result, the man was told of his daughter's birth and subsequent adoption, which allowed him to take legal action to seek custody.

Controversial therapy used in some child custody disputes

New York residents may have heard about parental alienation syndrome when it was in the news several years ago after actor Alec Baldwin accused Kim Basinger of alienating their daughter from him. More recently, during the summer of 2015, it was again in the news after a Michigan judge ordered children to attend reunification therapy when they refused to see their father. The father also requested that the children not be allowed to contact their mother for 90 days.

Adoption of a child by a stepparent

Stepparents in New York who wish to adopt their stepchildren may wonder what is necessary to set the process in motion. While a stepparent adoption may be less complex than other types of adoptions, it is necessary to obtain approval from the birth parent in most cases. Because this involves giving up all parental rights, there may be resistance from the birth parent.

Balancing school and the parenting plan

New York couples may benefit from learning more about how many divorced parents are able to design their parenting plan around ensuring their child has enough stability. Maintaining a daily routine by adhering to a carefully tailored parenting plan be paramount to helping children transition into life after divorce. Parents are also advised to establish a mutually agreed-upon form of communication, whether it by email, texting, phone calls or some form of social media.