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Balancing school and the parenting plan

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Child Custody

New York couples may benefit from learning more about how many divorced parents are able to design their parenting plan around ensuring their child has enough stability. Maintaining a daily routine by adhering to a carefully tailored parenting plan be paramount to helping children transition into life after divorce. Parents are also advised to establish a mutually agreed-upon form of communication, whether it by email, texting, phone calls or some form of social media.

Traditional parenting plans are often structured around a custodial parent keeping the child during the weekdays, and the noncustodial parent’s visitation time occurring on weekends and school vacations. The traditional schedule typically affords the noncustodial parent one weekday evening and every other weekend with the child. Whoever has the child that day is responsible for ensuring that all homework assignments are completed on time. Busy work schedules and after-school activities can make it difficult to maintain a traditional parenting schedule throughout the school year.

Some parenting plans are designed to allow both parents to share their time with the child as equally as possible. The success of these plans often depends on how flexible each parent is, and how close they live to one another. The distance each parent lives from the school may also be a factor. In a shared parenting plan, parents may alternate custody every few days and every other weekend. Shared parenting plans allow the child to see each parent on a more routine basis than traditional plans.

A divorcing parent who is interested in learning more about the different types of parenting plans might benefit from consulting with a family law attorney. As child custody and visitation issues are an important part of the process when parents are ending their marriage, the advice of counsel on these and other related issues can be important.

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