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Where can you find hidden assets?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | High Net-Worth Divorce

When going through divorce, it is important to keep an eye on your assets. This includes shared assets that you and your spouse should split during the divorce process.

Unfortunately, some spouses may use this time to attempt to hide some assets, keeping you from receiving your true and fair share. What can you do if you suspect your spouse of asset hiding?

Active vs. passive asset hiding

Forbes talks about asset hiding during divorce. This often comes in passive or active forms. If a person hides assets passively, this usually just means that they refuse to remind you of assets you may have forgotten about, like country club memberships.

Active asset hiding involves going out of their way to hide assets or asset sources, though. This can include creating fake pay stubs for employees that do not exist, lying about money they received, or pretending to repay debts with the intent of having that person hold onto the money until after the divorce.

Though some people may attempt to physically hide assets, you will usually have the best luck if you hire a forensic financial analyst. They know how to follow digital trails that your spouse likely left behind, leading to the assets and money that they attempted to hide.

Red flag behavior

Some potential red flags of asset hiding include changes in their financial habits and spending habits, as well as a sudden or increased reluctance to share their financial information with you. If you experience these things, you may want to consider contacting a forensic financial analyst to uncover more.

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