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What do mediators do in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | High Net-Worth Divorce

Many couples these days want to avoid the difficulties of litigation with divorce. They want to avoid going to court and the time, money and stress that it costs.

This is where mediation comes in. But what do mediators do in divorce situations?

What mediation is

Forbes discusses some ways to peacefully approach divorce. Mediation is one of the most common ways to avoid disturbances in divorce and reduce the amount of time, money and overall energy and stress associated with the process.

Mediation exists as a way for couples to work together rather than against one another. They decide outside of court how they want to handle all of the important divorce matters like asset division, child custody and more.

What mediators do

Mediators exist as a tool to guide couples down this path. They ensure that the couple can reach a reasonable agreement with compromises that both parties find tolerable.

It is not their job to attempt to “fix” the marriage. They also do not have the same legal power as a judge or arbitrator, so they cannot force a couple into any decision that they do not agree to. They usually just voice opinions and offer advice. It is all on the couple to figure out how they want to tackle the divorce situation, instead.

This gives the couple more room and freedom to work things out in a way that actually suits them. However, it is also a lot of responsibility. Couples should take these variables into consideration before making a choice.

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