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July 2015 Archives

Managing finances before and after divorce

Balancing the budget for a New York household can be challenging, but after a divorce, the use of divided assets to manage a single lifestyle can become even more difficult and costly. Although many individuals wait until a divorce is finalized to begin planning financially for the future, the ideal time to begin preparations is actually before starting divorce proceedings.

Child custody and child support in New York

Emotions frequently run high when divorcing spouses become embroiled in a dispute concerning child custody, and New York law contains a number of provisions designed to encourage parents to resolve their differences amicably. When it does become necessary to involve the courts in a child custody dispute, judges will make their decisions based upon what is considered to be in the best interests of the child. Disputes over child support can also become extremely contentious, and noncustodial parents may face severe consequences when they fail to make their court-ordered child support payments.