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Parents organization gives New York custody laws a failing grade

The child custody laws in New York were given a failing grade by the National Parents Organization in 2014 when they rated the provisions for shared parenting contained in the statutes of each state. While Rhode Island was the only other state to receive an F, 23 states managed only the lowest passing grade of D. Only seven states and the District of Columbia were awarded a B, and no state received an A. Critics of child custody laws say that more provision should be made for shared parenting because mounting research indicates that these arrangements make it far easier for the children of divorcing parents to cope.

New York non-custodial fathers and in-kind child support

Divorced New York parents may be interested in a 2015 study that examines the non-monetary contributions of so-called deadbeat dads. The 2011 Census report found that the same percentage of mothers and fathers who did not live with their children paid all support that was owed. A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that many fathers who do not pay child support in cash still make significant contributions. Nearly half of the fathers in the study who did not have cash resources to contribute nonetheless contributed food, baby products, clothing and school expenses.

Divorce and Social Security spousal benefits

Some New York residents may have heard about the rumored divorce between Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. According to multiple sources, the couple is preparing to end their marriage that has lasted for nearly 10 years. Since they are not waiting until that milestone has been reached, they will be forfeiting some Social Security spousal benefits they may have been able to claim in the future, although those benefits will not likely matter to them, given their current high net worths.

Prepare for divorce financial considerations

It may be difficult not to bring emotion into the financial aspects of ending a marriage, but New York residents may work in their own best interest when they take the time to prepare and do it right. Being in a hurry to get the divorce papers signed can have a long-term detrimental effect on a person and their children.

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