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Less stress when both parents are involved in a child's life

While courts in New York and other states usually believe it is best for both parents to have contact with a child or children after a divorce, many observers feel that switching between homes can be stressful for the children involved. However, a recently-published study found that a joint custody arrangement might work better for children than giving one parent sole custody.

Incarceration and child support

New York parents who are involved in child support disputes may wonder about the usefulness of incarceration as a penalty for failure to meet support obligations. While some media outlets suggest that imprisonment is an effective incentive for individuals who have the means to pay, it has been argued that the punishment often creates a cycle that allows the payer's debt to grow to unmanageable levels.

Beneficiary designations and the divorce process

People who are going through a divorce in New York often have a host of paperwork to manage, but one thing that is sometimes forgotten is a change in beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other investment vehicles. In many instances, estranged spouses will be listed as the primary beneficiary, and if this designation is not changed, they will remain so.

Enforcing visitation time in a child custody order

After a New York judge has issued a child custody order, the parents involved are expected to follow the order. Failure to comply with a child custody order could result in a parent having to pay fines and compensation to the other parent. In some cases, the child custody order could end up being modified as a result of one parent's noncompliance with the order.

Divorcing after 50 and retirement

As the baby boomer generation hits and surpasses age 50, an increasing number are choosing to divorce in New York as well as across the rest of the country. For this age group, an important consideration is how their divorces might affect their retirement accounts, and a collaborative divorce process may be in order.

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