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March 2015 Archives

Garnishing Social Security benefits for delinquent child support

Parents in New York who are not receiving court-ordered child support payments in a timely manner have a number of legal remedies available to them. If the parent required to make the payments is receiving certain types of Social Security benefits, it may be possible to have these benefits garnished. However, this does not apply to Supplemental Security Income. The government considers SSI to be a welfare benefit, and garnishments are not permitted.

Gender breakdown of the failure to pay child support

New York parents may be interested in learning about how common it is for non-custodial mothers to miss child support payments. Some studies show that this problem is more common that most people might think, though the overall effect of it on custodial fathers is debatable.

How do you file for custody or visitation in New York?

When a New York couple determines that they need to get a divorce, it is likely that one or both parties want custody of any children that resulted from the marriage. However, as with any legal process, filing for custody can be confusing.