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August 2014 Archives

You probably love your pets more than your chairs

In the U.S., we love our pets. And we demonstrate that love by spending. In 2013, we spent $55.7 billion on our pets. This amount has almost tripled in raw dollars since the industry began tracking the numbers in 1996. According to the president of an industry trade group, this explosion of spending has been the result of pets being treated like "little humans."

Divorce and the complexity of a residence in New York

Divorce alters much in your life. Things you believe to be constant and unchanging, like the love and commitment of your spouse, evaporate over night. Suddenly, you are forced to deal with a long list of these changes. Everything from your income and how you pay your mortgage or rent to when you will spend time with your children will be affected.

Divorce: it is always personal

Divorce is always complex, because it involves two individuals whose experience and worldview are always unique. While many divorces involve similar issues, they are never exactly alike, and the application of New York family law to their facts will be slightly different. In addition, each individual has their own perspective on what is important and what they expect to obtain through the divorce process.