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New York Divorce Attorney

I have focused on family law litigation for more than 35 years. Litigation is my specialty. The study of the law is my passion. The persistent pursuit of excellence is my mission. I have the highest professional rating in skill and ethics. Your legal needs as a divorcing client require individualized representation and expertise across several legal disciplines: commercial litigation, forensic accounting, corporations and partnership law, forensic mental health and criminal law. I have successfully tried hundreds of cases and settled hundreds more with equal or greater success. The strength in numbers, which is often useful in other types of conflict resolution, can be prohibitively expensive, and it does not fit well in this type of conflict resolution. Size doesn't matter. Knowledge is power. I believe that what is most important is the ability to blend the broad range of my skills and experience with rational judgment in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you. You will live with the results for many years.

Never be afraid to go to court, and never forget that your client's objectives do not always require that you go there, or stay there.

I am only a lawyer; not a spiritual advisor or relationship counselor. I will neither judge you, nor second guess your values. This may be your first divorce, or criminal indictment, or trial; but it is not mine. It does not help your cause if we entertain or accommodate unrealistic expectations. I do not make promises that I cannot keep. What I do promise is to pursue excellence and to fight smart. In the first instance we will set realistic goals. I will then dedicate my skills, energy and judgment so that we can achieve them together. My law firm has a long history of success and client satisfaction.

Rational Counsel For Your Divorce-Related Needs

According to the mental health experts, divorce is a primary psychosocial stressor. In other words, the experience causes upset and emotional turbulence. To the uninitiated and inexperienced observer, the divorce lawyer may look like a bull in a china shop. Your interests as a client are best served by surgical precision, not unthinking belligerence. The often delicate emotional structure of the family may not be durable or resilient enough to tolerate high-stress conflict. My job is to help you to make the same correct decisions for yourself during this process that you would make in a commercial transaction. I will not hold your hand for the sake of using our time together unproductively, or resign from your case if you have made a mistake.

Because the stress and emotions involved, impact the decision-making process and what is in your best long-term interest. I do not dispense expertise as an "arm chair" psychiatrist. I am a licensed, experienced and dedicated lawyer. I will help you see the legal and personal consequences of your choices. We will work towards the best outcome possible.

I want you to be not only satisfied but also proud of the work we will have done together, now, six months from now, and ten years from now. I represent a varied array of successful clients, male and female, in matrimonial law matters, which include:


High net worth asset and income distribution

Tax and income savvy property division and distribution

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that will stand the test of time and court scrutiny

Modifications of custody and divorce settlements

Common law marriage, same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships

One of our most sensitive challenges is to balance the importance of immediate provocation against your long-term interests. For the client who is in the midst of the fray, it might be tempting momentarily to forget those long-term relationships, and it is understandable if you do so. I help my clients balance these short-term and long-term interests to achieve the best possible outcome. That could require the disagreeable task of facing the bully today, before it is too late for the children's good welfare; or it could require you to resist the very strong temptation for emotional gratification. Identifying the particular provision of the law applies, and selecting the best of the textbook strategies are often far easier than staying "on script" and executing the plan with discipline, without rancor and despite momentary frustrations.

Inspired Criminal Defense

I have been principal defense counsel in scores of criminal prosecutions, ranging the gamut from homicide to drugs to motion picture piracy. The crucible of that high-stakes conflict resolution provides useful context and poise when facing the frenetic provocation of an upset spouse. I have also had the experience of a divorce case that transitions into a homicide prosecution, as well as suicide. Your divorce lawyer should be objective and experienced enough to logically identify and address criminal issues such as domestic violence and orders of protection. One of the biggest concerns of every matrimonial client should be to stay out of jail. I am well-versed in New York's criminal justice system. During more than 30 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, I have acted as court-assigned and private legal counsel on scores of criminal prosecutions. I will advise you about the possible outcomes of your choices, educate you about the differences among a garden variety order of protection and the more serious family offenses, and capably defend you against criminal charges if the need arises. Getting divorced is bad enough. You do not want to wind up with a criminal record, or incarcerated.

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