“I know the law and how to identify issues imperative to every family law case I take on – efficiently and effectively. Period.” Robert G. Smith

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SR Testimonial

September 21, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend Robert G. Smith without reservation as a skilled and dedicated trial and divorce lawyer.

I am a successful dentist and observant in my religion. Four years ago, my wife began accusing me of infidelity at work. She involved our children, then ages 3 and 4.

Two years later my wife escalated her attack by filing a false police report that I threatened to kill her and our children. I spent a night in jail that I will never forget. The next day I retained Robert Smith. Mr. Smith secured the dismissal of the criminal case. Then he went about to obtain custody of our children. He litigated with diligence and poise. While cross examining the Court’s psychiatrist Mr. Smith got him to admit that my wife suffered from delusional disorder, and to change his recommendation from shared custody to sole custody right there on the witness stand. Mr.Smith spent three days cross examining my wife, and when he was done with her, nobody in the court room thought that my wife was sane. Then Mr, Smith proceeded to give an oral summation that made me so proud that I insisted that he have it transcribed and put it on his website.

Mr. Smith stayed with me through thick and thin. Although Mr. Smith disagrees, my wife claims that the reason she lost custody of our children because she did not have a dedicated and capable lawyer like Mr. Smith. My wife is now searching for her fourth lawyer.

To anyone facing the prospect of child litigation I can offer a few words of advice. The stakes are simply too high for you to be able to avoid the temptation of an emotional mistake. At the outset of my case, Mr. Smith outlined our goals: maximum time with my children and maximum and minimum financial exposure. I am grateful that I have had the benefit of representation by a lawyer that I respect and trust. It enabled me to follow what appeared to be counter initiative advice, such as his recommendation that I voluntarily pay a$5,000.00 retainer to my wife’s third divorce lawyer, and to avoid other emotional temptations that could have prejudiced my case.

I believe in my heart that my children will have a better life because I fought for and won custody. For that I am grateful to Robert Smith.

Very Truly yours,