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“I know the law and how to identify issues imperative to every family law case I take on – efficiently and effectively. Period.” Robert G. Smith

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MZ Testimonial

September 2005

To Whom It May Concern

I recommend Robert G. Smith as a trial lawyer without reservation.

I was arrested and charged with manslaughter, for allegedly helping someone commit suicide, who was terminally ill and not expected to live more than another week. Mr. Smith took my call from jail, appeared in Court in less than one hour, and I was released without bail. Mr. Smith then ran “interference” with the press, and he spearheaded a fund-raising effort, to hold my life together and maintain my professional standing. The Grand Jury did not indict me.

I was sued for divorce by a selfish wife, who wanted my money and to rob our daughter of access to me. Mr. Smith appeared in Court for me and enabled me to settle on fair terms that preserved the relationship between my daughter and me.

I was also sued in a paternity case. Mr. Smith’s court room skills and determination were remarkable. He fought for me over a period of five years. And that case was also resolved to my great satisfaction.

To this day, whenever I need advice or counsel, Mr. Smith is there for me.

Very truly yours,