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LK Testimonial

September 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend Robert Smith without reservation as a diligent and talented trial lawyer with expertise in family law.

While managing the vicissitudes of raising three children. I had a very successful career in the corporate world. My stock options were worth over $1 million. My husband, who did not help with my career or at home with our three children, threatened a nasty and costly divorce trial. He tried to embarrass me by revealing that I had plastic surgery. I was frankly intimidated by my husband. But Mr. Smith was not. Mr. Smith was at all times confident and diligent. He bested the resources and energies of my husband’s lawyers, both inside and outside the courtroom. He used my husband’s plastic surgery threat to our advantage by revealing the threat to the judge (who had a fair amount of plastic surgery herself) early in the case.

It took us less than a year for us to force my husband’s hand in Court. Just before the scheduled start of the trial, my husband gave up his claim for custody of our children and a piece of my valuable stock options. He also agreed with my plan to move to the New Jersey shore with the children. We were able settle my case that day on terms that were very advantageous to me because Mr. Smith was ready to start and to complete the trial.

I am very satisfied with the professionalism displayed and the results achieved for me by Robert Smith.

Very truly yours,