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Know when spousal support payments might be suitable

Not many divorces come with an agreement about spousal support, but there are some instances when this is something that needs to happen. If you think that this is something that needs to happen in your divorce, we can look at the situation to see if the case meets the legal requirements for spousal support.

Can my ex avoid making support payments by filing bankruptcy?

There are tens of billions of dollars in child support that are supposed to exchange hands each year here in New York and the rest of the United States. Custodial parents see far less than that from their exes though. Some estimates show that only half of all moms and dads who are supposed to receive child support to help them raise their children get what they've mutually agreed to with their ex or what the court has ordered.

Do spousal support and maintenance differ?

As you prepare for your divorce proceedings in New York, the issue of alimony will almost certainly come up. You may mention the word "alimony" only to hear terms such as "spousal support" or "spousal maintenance" in response. That is because many view both terms to be synonymous with alimony. While they are indeed similar in many aspects, there are actually differences between spousal support and maintenance. 

Temporary versus permanent spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance in New York is a complicated topic, and we at the law office of Roger G. Smith know that it may cause you a great deal of confusion. It is difficult to understand under the best circumstances, and further complicating matters, the terms and rules keep changing.

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