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How do assets and divorce tie together?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | High Net-Worth Divorce

Assets and divorce have a huge tie to one another. Not only are they integral in marriage, but they often relate to the decision to get a divorce.

On top of that, assets continue to have an impact during the divorce process itself. But in what ways?

Wealth tying into arguments

Business Insider discusses wealth and divorce. Generally speaking, people tend to believe that couples with higher amounts of assets fight more often. This is due to the conception that they have more to lose, and thus more to fight over.

However, couples in lower wealth brackets still fight ferociously over divorce. Not only that, but wealth couples with over $5 million in assets tend to fight the least of any other wealth bracket.

The mental impact of wealth

What does this mean, then? In short, assets do still have an impact on divorce. However, it is likely the way that people view these assets which have a bigger ultimate influence on how the divorce goes.

Couples with more money have more financial stability after a certain point. Even divorce cannot disrupt the lifestyle of a couple with $5 million or more in assets. Thus, they feel less drive to compete for the assets they do have.

On the other hand, even an upper-middle-class couple with a decent amount of assets may feel financially insecure. They could worry that one single problem – a divorce, in this case – could totally change their style of life.

Thus, assets do not serve as a good indicator of whether or not a couple will fight. However, they still have ties to divorce itself.

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