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Physical and emotional factors that impact your spousal support

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2022 | Spousal Support

When you make less than your spouse, you have a certain amount of financial stability that depends on him or her. During a divorce, that financial stability may have to come from other places like court-ordered spousal support. When New York courts look at a divorce case and consider the question of spousal support, it is easy to think the focus revolves around financial means alone.

Other factors, however, impact whether alimony is suitable and how much is fair to pay.

Physical tolls

If you suffered an accident at your workplace that left you unable to work, a divorce is the last complication you need. Newswise, for example, reports on traumatic brain injuries and divorce. They found that, while divorce rates remain the same, almost 40% of divorces involving someone suffering a TBI happened in the first year. These factors may combine to help determine a fair spousal support award.

Emotional tolls

While this may refer to similar, mental disabilities or disorders that leave you unable to work, these also refer to potential abuse allegations. If you suffer post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of abusive behavior from your spouse, it may drive the court’s decision around any alimony awards.

Spousal support complexity

Whether your spouse divorces you for physical, emotional or financial reasons, it is important you stay on your feet somehow. Spousal support may help. There is a lot to navigate when seeking an appeal for spousal support. When determining what is fair to ask for, whether it is during divorce mediation or divorce litigation, it helps to have resources and more information about your specific divorce case.

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