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How to prepare for your custody trial

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Child Custody

The best-case scenario for child custody is an amicable arrangement. However, this is not always how things play out, unfortunately.

According to the New York Courts, the court can order child custody arrangements until the child is 18 years old. Decisions about child custody consider the child’s best interest first and foremost. Part of the decision rests on your preparedness and competence during the trial. Continue reading to learn how to prepare for your fact-finding hearing for determining custody and visitation orders.

Gather evidence

Your attorney should help you gather any relevant evidence for the trial. Evidence might include photos or videos of you and the child, records of your visits and calls with the child, report cards, proof of your child support and medical records that show you paid for childcare. In addition to physical evidence, parents should try to gather as many vital witnesses to their character as possible.

Practice with witnesses

If you have witnesses, you want to get on the same page about the message you want to convey. Practicing for the stand is essential for winning your child custody case. The judge does not always require you to meet before the trial, but you should not leave anything up to chance when it comes to your child’s well-being.

Winning your child custody case depends on how you prepare for the trial. You and your attorney need to gather as much evidence as possible to show the judge that your continued participation in the child’s life is essential and in the child’s best interest.

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