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Will a parenting coordinator benefit your family?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Child Custody

You and your spouse likely both want the best for your child. However, during and after an adversarial divorce, you find yourselves struggling to see eye-to-eye on what that looks like or how to get there. To help you set aside the conflict for the benefit of your child, you may consider options such as working with a parenting coordinator.

Trained, third-party professionals, parenting coordinators assist with communication, parenting plan implementation and dispute resolution.

Making decisions in high conflict situations

According to the 8th Judicial District for the District of New York, for those in high conflict, parenting coordination often helps facilitate making decisions for the best interests of the child. Depending on the scope granted under your appointment contract or court order, the parenting coordinator will review the relevant facts and issue decisions to you and your child’s other parent or make recommendations to the court. Such a professional typically will only step in, however, if you and your child’s other parent cannot reach a consensus on your own or otherwise resolve child-related disputes.

Acting impartially

The guidelines for parenting coordinators in the state require that these professionals maintain impartiality. To this end, they should not intentionally or knowingly misrepresent material facts or circumstances, ask for future business or profiting opportunities, or accept roles or provide services outside their scope as parental coordinators that compromise their positions. If the parenting coordinator feels he or she cannot dutifully act without partiality, he or she should withdraw from the position.

Understanding the advantages of working with a parenting coordinator may help you decide if it best serves your family’s situations and needs.

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