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How can parental alienation harm you?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Child Custody

If you notice your co-parent subtly manipulating your children into fighting with you or not talking to you, it may be time to learn about parental alienation.

The lasting effects of this phenomenon can cause you and your children to feel stressed out and hostile. Learning about how it harms you can help you recognize it when it happens.

Weakens communication

According to Psychology Today, one major effect alienation has is that it makes it harder to communicate clearly and respectfully with your children. They may assume you dislike them because of lies your co-parent told them and avoid you.

Your children may not talk about recent events or their emotions after this alienation. They could also neglect to share important dates for school events with you, like parent-teacher conferences.

Increases anger

If your co-parent constantly shares personal details about how your marriage ended with your children, he or she may be trying to turn them against you by blaming you for the marriage not working. Your children can become passive-aggressive or show signs of anger toward you without warning due to this. This behavior can feel confusing at first, but the source of it can be more apparent as time goes on.

Restricts time together

A common tactic some co-parents use is to drop off the children later than usual or pick them up sooner. This shortens your visits unexpectedly and erodes your time alone with your children.

Your co-parent may even try to restrict your children’s cell phone or computer use so that they cannot contact you as much. This kind of behavior is full of signs of parental alienation.

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