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Collecting child support from a non-New Yorker

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Child Support

You finalized a divorce in New York City, but now, the other party isn’t honoring the settlement parameters. If you need to collect child support from someone living in another state or county, what are your options?

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

When parents live in different states and child support issues arise, they can invoke the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Typically, complaints filed under the statute are submitted to the petitioning party’s jurisdictional family court, and authorities handle directing the paperwork to its ultimate destination. The UIFSA is a useful legal tool when dealing with complex child custody and support situations.

Once the paperwork gets to the right jurisdiction, the delinquent party is served papers and notified of a hearing in their home county. The petitioner doesn’t need to appear in court. Instead, a local official will stand in to represent the claimant.

Collecting from a parent who lives in New York City

If the situation is reversed and the child lives outside of New York City while the delinquent party resides in the Big Apple, the process is the same. In such cases, the custodial parent can file a UIFSA motion in their jurisdiction’s family court. Ultimately, the petitioning party will be assigned a New York City legal surrogate for the hearing.

Collecting unpaid child support from someone who doesn’t live in the same jurisdiction isn’t as confusing as you might assume. Speaking with an attorney who is well-versed in family law and child support matters may be helpful. They may be able to assess your situation and determine the best possible course of action to seek child support payments.

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