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Tips for dividing your property in a divorce

Going through a high-asset divorce isn't an easy task, especially if the marriage was a longer one. You have to think about all the aspects of your life that have to unraveled from your spouse's life. One thing that you're going to have to split up is the property that you've amassed during the marriage. This process takes a lot of thought, but it also comes with a lot of emotions.

Alimony and taxes: What you need to know during your divorce

People who are divorcing will sometimes want to know whether they qualify for alimony or not. The laws in New York regarding spousal support payments are strict, so not everyone will qualify. Some individuals might be able to work out these payments as part of the divorce settlement. Anyone who is involved in a divorce that may include alimony should understand how these payments might affect them in the future.

Fighting a custody battle with a narcissist isn't easy

Child custody cases must focus on what's best for the children; however, this can be virtually impossible for you to make happen if you're walking away from a narcissist. The nature of narcissism means that the person can't think of others. Instead, everything they do is based on what they feel and how things will make them look.

Business valuation is important during a divorce

Protecting your company that you've worked hard to build is a priority for most business owners. While you might be focused on things like being able to ensure that you can keep the profits up to cover the bills and protecting it against competitors, there is another thing that some small business owners need to think about. This is what will happen to the business if your marriage ends.

Uncovering hidden assets in pending divorce cases

Trust within your marriage disappeared long ago. So did compatibility. Such a combination often leads to couples inevitably divorcing. And where there is mistrust, there often are secrets hidden under stones or hidden in bank accounts and safe deposit boxes. When mistrust prevails within a marriage, the likelihood of hidden assets by one or both spouses is probable.

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