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Know when spousal support payments might be suitable

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2020 | Spousal Support

Not many divorces come with an agreement about spousal support, but there are some instances when this is something that needs to happen. If you think that this is something that needs to happen in your divorce, we can look at the situation to see if the case meets the legal requirements for spousal support.

Typically, spousal support is more common if the marriage has been a lengthy one. There aren’t criteria in this state that enable a person to receive an automatic order for alimony payments. Instead, these payments are usually due to terms in the prenuptial agreement or by mutual agreement.

We realize that there are times when alimony is appropriate. If your case is one of these, we will help you fight for it. There are a few different arrangements that might be possible for spousal support. One of these is a lump sum payment, which means that one party won’t have to make regular payments to the other.

If there are recurring payments, the alimony is dubbed either permanent or temporary. The court will issue terms for these payments. In most cases, the support stops if the recipient gets married again or moves in with a romantic partner. It would also stop if the person paying the alimony passes away. The court might also issue an expiration for the payments.

We know that this might seem complicated. Fortunately, you can count on us to give you an honest review of the case, so you can find out what options you have for these payments. If you should receive them from your ex, we’ll fight for you to get what’s due to you.

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