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Understand child custody modifications

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Child Custody

The parenting plan is the backbone of a child custody situation. While these plans work for the child when they’re created, there’s a chance that those needs might change. This means that the parenting plan must be modified. You’ll need to work with your ex to come up with the terms of the new parenting plan.

In some cases, small changes might not require any legal process. The modification process will usually involve larger changes, such as a new parenting time schedule if one parent has to move out of the area. Changes in which parent the child lives with most of the time and modifications in who makes which decisions will probably need legal intervention.

We know that having to deal with your ex might not be one of your favorite activities. We’re here to help you through this situation so that you can do what’s best for your children. In child custody modifications, the best interests of the kids must be the priority. This isn’t a chance for either parent to try to make things more difficult for the other.

When you’re trying to modify a child custody order, it’s usually best if you can negotiate new terms with your ex. This enables the two people who know the situation the best to determine how to handle things. We can help you find creative solutions to the issues that are proving challenging for you.

We know that there are some instances in which exes won’t be able to work as a team. We work on your behalf to prepare for court so that your side of the matter is relayed to the court. We discuss the possible outcomes of this situation.

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