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Court battles occur in the absence of prenuptial agreements

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | High Net-Worth Divorce

A high-asset divorce is sometimes challenging to work through because you have to think about how each division option is going to impact your future. One of the first things that we do when we work on a divorce that includes considerable property is find out if there is a valid prenuptial agreement in place. If there is, the terms of the agreement are what we will follow.

When there isn’t a valid prenup in place, the court will look at several factors before deciding how everything will be divided. The length of the marriage and the contribution of both spouses play a role in what the court decides. The health and age of each spouse and a host of other factors are also used when determining how things will be divided.

It is possible that the property division can be an even split, but the court can also move things around so the settlement is equitable instead of equal. We know that this is hard to think about, but it is important to understand what might happen.

We work closely with you to determine what goals you have for the case so that we know how to proceed. We’re here to protect your interests so that you can focus on trying to heal and move forward during the divorce process.

While we work hard to ensure that you get the property division settlement you deserve, we know that other aspects of the divorce are just as important. Matters like child custody also have to be given a priority, and we’re ready to help you plan for those too.

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