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Singer asks for joint custody of child

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | Child Custody

New York fans of singer Louis Tomlinson may have heard that he has filed for joint custody of his 5-month-old son. As part of the request, a judge will determine how much in child support he will pay to the child’s mother. Currently, he is paying $15,000 per month and is also renting a home in California for the mother and son to live in.

The couple had reportedly come to a temporary custody agreement in February 2016 that gave the 24-year-old access to his child on a regular basis. It was believed the agreement allowed him to see his son for several hours each week although overnight visits were likely not part of the deal. It was believed back then that the couple would head to court if no long-term solution was reached once the temporary agreement expired.

When parents separate or get a divorce, they may work out their own child custody agreement. Generally, the courts recognize that both parents should have equal access to the child as it meets the individual needs of the child. While the child may live with one parent most of the time, the other parent may be entitled to call, visit or have the child at his or her home at regular intervals.

Furthermore, a noncustodial parent may still have some decision making power as it relates to the child. A parent may still have parental rights even if they have a criminal past or previous substance abuse issues. Parents who are interested in upholding their parental rights may wish to talk with an attorney. Legal counsel may be able to review the case and take steps to establish that an individual is capable of providing a safe and stable environment for the child.

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