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The importance of a timely divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2016 | Child Custody

When a New York couple with young children decides to get a divorce, they often take their time in doing so. The intent is to separate while creating as little stress as possible for the kids. However, prolonging a divorce process may actually impact the kids harder than if it occurs in a timely manner. The children may become confused and start to wonder about their own safety and security.

There are many reasons why two people may hesitate when it comes to ending their marriage. For some, their religion may forbid getting divorced or getting remarried thereafter. It is also possible that couples who grew up in a household where the parents divorced don’t want to put their own kids through that experience. They may forget that there are benefits for the children by finalizing the process such as a lack of fighting at home and better interactions between parent and child.

It is hard to predict how a child will react after a prolonged divorce planning period. While some may be relieved that the process is over, others may be upset or angry after getting their hopes up one or more times. Those who are having a hard time going through with the dissolution of their marriage may wish to talk to a marriage counselor and develop a clear parenting plan.

When a couple gets divorced, it is important to think of the individual needs of the child. This may determine where the child stays, how much visitation time the non-custodial parent gets and how much support the custodial parent will receive. An attorney can often assist a parent in developing a plan that addresses these issues.

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