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Father’s rights and divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2016 | Child Support

When a New York father receives a legal notice regarding child support or visitation, he is advised to take it seriously. In the event that he does not know what to do or what the notice means, he is advised to seek out legal counsel. In addition, it is always better to go to court as opposed to lashing out at a former spouse in an effort to rectify what seems to be an unfair situation.

This is because everything is documented, which could prove troublesome as the case proceeds. Fathers are advised to resolve these issues as soon as possible to make it easier to maintain a relationship with their child. They should strive to have a parenting plan in writing with specific drop-off and pickup times in addition to a holiday schedule. Child support issues should also be settled as soon as possible to make life easier for everyone.

Dads who are unsure of how to assert their rights may also want to reach out to advocate groups such as Fathers Matters. They hold conferences and provide information to fathers who need advice as to how to resolve any issues they have regarding their parental rights. By not responding, a spouse may get whatever she wants as her word will be given extra weight by the court.

Child support disputes can be hard on all who are involved Family law courts will always consider the best interests of the child in making determinations on these matters, and family law attorneys will tell their clients that ignoring these issues will not make them go away.

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