Domestic Violence In New York City Divorces

Domestic violence can be an under punished crime, or a weapon du jour in the struggle for dominance that punctuates divorce litigation.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer with over 35 years of experience, I know how to defend the domestic violence allegation, and I know what the role of prosecutors should be.

No spouse or child should endure domestic violence. I have successfully litigated those claims in high-profile cases. Often there is no other witness but the spouses, which makes it critically important to prepare.

The stakes can be very high in a domestic violence claim. If one spouse is excluded from the residence, the children's relationship with the excluded parent might be shattered. The financial pressures on the excluded parent may be enormous.

New York courts classify certain crimes as "family offenses," which can be tried in either the divorce court, the family court, or the criminal court. There are also Integrated Domestic Violence Courts ("IDV"), in which one judge addresses all of a family's legal issues.

At the end of the day, no system is perfect. Despite potential for abuse, the courts will usually and quite properly require assurances that no spouse or child is subject to physical or emotional abuse.

With more than 35 years of experience as a New York attorney representing clients in domestic violence situations, I know that my law firm can be a tremendous benefit to you, regardless of your situation. I have made appearances on Court TV, and I have handled many high-asset divorces and high-profile divorces involving domestic violence situations. Through it all I have maintained the highest level of professional integrity and a fierce commitment to client confidentiality.

Domestic Violence Overlaps Family And Criminal Law

Generally, domestic violence cases exist in the grey chasm between family law and criminal defense. As a New York domestic violence lawyer, I have seen DV cases that cross over into other issues like:

Child custody: Obviously, the parent who has abused a child, or who has a history of domestic abuse in general, will not get possession of the children.

Child support: Domestic violence will invariably render the children in the possession of the other spouse full-time, increasing the child support payments for the non-custodial parent.

Nontraditional marriages and domestic partnerships: Domestic violence is not limited to traditional families. Sadly, people in non-traditional relationships often experience domestic abuse, as well. As it should the law will usually provide protections for domestic violence.

Criminal defense: I have helped many clients who have been accused of domestic violence get the best possible outcome in their criminal defense.

My law firm has a track record of successfully helping our New York clients with issues involving domestic violence; from the clients who were falsely accused of the crime; to divorce clients needing legal counsel regarding the ramifications of domestic violence situations on their divorce agreements. The spousal abuse counsel that my law firm provides can be an invaluable resource for you in your divorce or criminal defense.

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