My Goal: Helping You Stay Out of Jail

For anyone facing a serious criminal charge, the most important concern usually is staying out of jail. Fines can be paid, tarnished reputations can be rebuilt, and broken family relationships can be mended, but there is no way to regain your freedom if you are incarcerated.

Contact me. I have been a New York criminal defense attorney for more than 35 years. I have helped countless clients avoid going to jail. I have a commitment to client confidentiality, and I represent all of my clients with the savvy and ability that comes from 35 years of experience.

Ways To Keep You Out Of Jail

There are many things that I can do to help you avoid prison time or jail time. Often I can help clients by way of:

  • Evidentiary problems: Issues like illegal search and seizure, evidence tampering and police brutality can get a case thrown out of court so that you can avoid going to jail.
  • Reduced sentencing: In many cases I can convince the judge or jury to lower the sentence because the crime was a first offense, a case of self-defense, or one of many other possible reasons for a downward departure.
  • Reduced or lowered charges: Often, if I am brought into a case early enough, I can work with the state and with the alleged victims to help a client get lower charges or at least lower than what they might have otherwise been.
  • Negotiating with the prosecution: I can often work out a deal on your behalf that will result in drastically lowered or eliminated prison time for you.

I can represent you in many different types of criminal defense situations like:

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