About Me, Robert G. Smith

When you are in need of legal representation - for divorce-related matters or criminal defense - having a lawyer with skill and experience brings great peace of mind. With more than 35 years of experience, I know the consequences involved in these legal matters, the financial realities of a divorce and the possible incarceration that follows criminal charges.

As an attorney in New York, my philosophy is to be enlightened. I will not pretend to be a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. We are steering our ship together, guided by:

Experience: I have been handling New York divorces since 1974, including high-profile and high-asset divorces. I have been a student of this branch of the law since then, following all of its developments, from the advent of financial disclosure, property distribution, and the Child Support Standards Act, to family offense prosecutions and no-fault divorce. I am deeply committed to maintaining a state-of-the-art legal boutique, which remains faithful to its core values of individual, custom-tailored service. I will not forget that this is the most important event in your life. Client confidentiality and giving my clients reasonable expectations of the possible outcomes of their cases are my watch words.

A track record of success: I am proud to have helped countless clients get the best results possible in their divorces, focusing on negotiation and the smart and efficient use of the court to enable you to maintain long-term relationships and prosper in your life after the divorce.

Credibility, respect and recognition: I have the highest professional rating in skills and ethics, membership in all major bar associations and more than 200 appearances on national television and Court TV to my credit. News anchors often call on me for crisp and accurate commentary.

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